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WHITE (International Shipping)

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Art Book [WHITE]
A collection of 183 oil paintings created by artist Takeshi Matsunaga over a two-year period.
Limited edition of 1000 with original paintings (original size 100x100mm).
Signed and numbered by Takeshi Matsunaga.
- -

It will soon be six years since I first met Takeshi Matsunaga.
It was at the Kawaramachi Art Award held in 2015.

Among the dozens of artists exhibiting their works, I was drawn in by Mr. Matsunaga's landscapes and still lives of Kumamoto. I wondered why the subject matter was so new to me, even though it was all familiar landscapes and things I was familiar with. When I wondered about this and asked him about his impressions and questions, Mr. Matsunaga just smiled (while enjoying rice balls for lunch) with an embarrassed or annoyed look on his face.

Over the next few years, the colors and light that only he possesses became more and more diverse and rich. The things we are used to seeing in our daily lives become more fresh and lovely. When the eyes of the artist overlap through his works, viewers may rediscover something from the world around them.

His first publication, "WHITE" is the current state of Takeshi Matsunaga himself.

Please enjoy the many oil paintings that were created over a period of two years for this book.

Nagasaki Bookstore
Kenichi Nagasaki

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Hardcover 288 pages: H297xW235xD36 mm

Original picture size: 100x100 mm
One original sticker will be enclosed as a purchase bonus.
Limited to 5 books per person.
The accompanying original drawings include 100 different motifs such as flowers, food, animals, etc. The original drawings will be available for purchase from May 1, 2022. The original can also be specified.
If you purchase multiple copies of the book, we will prepare the original picture for the appendix with a different motif. If you would like to use the same motif, please write it in the remarks column.
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¥33,000 tax included